Coaching is about changing ‐ doing more of the things you do brilliantly and that make you feel great. It is about doing less of those things which you know are holding you back.

It is about dealing with those things which get in the way, however small or large they are.
It is about choices and decisions, and about finding the balance
It is about patterns ‐ understanding, working with and, sometimes, changing them. How often do you kick yourself for doing the same thing, falling into the same trap again and again?

Coaching gives space and time for you.
The opportunity to think, to get those ‘Ah ha’ moments when suddenly everything comes clear and falls into place. Or a gradual realisation, and awakening: a dawning of what is and what might be.

Coaching is all about awareness, understanding and doing things differently. It is about taking action whether they are small steps making that brave decision we sometimes need to take in life.

It is about being the best you can.


“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” Patrick Lencioni

Creating strong, united high performing teams is a challenge from the bottom to the top. Team coaching’s effectiveness stems from its focus on both the team and the individuals within it, as well as how they work within the wider structures, systems and relationship framework. As a team coach, I have constantly to be mindful of the dynamics: from team to individual; to relationships; to the organisational context and back again. And to support and enable the energy and passion which a team when at its best will generate.

Team coaching helps you as a team deliver exceptional work. Its power lies in its ability to unlock your potential and build capability. It enables you to work more effectively with a clarity of purpose and goals against the ever present conflicting priorities; manage the expectations of different shareholders and deliver within a complex, fast moving interconnected world.

Team coaching is a highly energising process which strengthens both high performing teams and those with challenges.

It is about being the best you can.


“60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures reporting their 2013 revenue to be above average, compared to 41% of their peer group” Human Capital Institute

The increasing evidence which highlights the value of a coaching culture is encouraging more and more organisations to look at how they can leverage coaching right across their business. We draw on our expertise of both culture and coaching to work with you to embrace coaching and embed as an integral element of the way your organisation works.

We work with organisations at all stages of the coaching journey. However, there is one thing they share: they are all curious to explore how they can get more from coaching. They may see the potential but are not sure how to move forward. Or they may know where they are going and want some help getting there. Whatever the starting place, we love this curiosity and work with you to explore the options and what makes sense in terms of your goals, strategy and culture.

It is about being the best you can.