It’s time to rethink communication and engagement. The highly connected, fast moving Gen X and Y coupled with an economic landscape which is anarchic and rapidly changing mean that traditional comms and engagement only gives you permission to play. It doesn’t truly engage and drive exceptional performance.  We help teams and individuals revisit what they do and how the work, whether the focus is on a radical rethink of their strategy or coaching to up their personal and team game. We draw on our work with leaders and teams, and an understanding of the latest thinking in neuroscience. We also embrace new technologies, and leverage them in the creation of vibrant, inter-connected communities. 


We work with you on two fronts:

  1. Inspire and Deliver
    To inspire your communications and engagement team to achieve remarkable results which deliver measurable impact on business priorities
  2. Focus and magic
    To create engagement strategies and programmes which bring magic to your organisation and deliver measurable results

We take an inclusive approach to strategy creation.  The process we have developed delivers both a robust strategy focused on business priorities and a step change in thinking and team performance. Through the involvement of wider stakeholders, we help you strengthen your relationships across the business and build a deeper understanding and appreciation of communications and engagement. 


  • A step change in your team’s performance
    Coaching: team and one on one
  • Communications strategy
  • Change communication and engagement
  • Powerful Conversation workshops
  • Communication skills coaching
  • Leadership communications
  • Impact reviews
  • Interim assignments

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